Our skills and experience allow us to provide you with tailor-made support. We define together your needs and support you, whether you are at the stage of the idea, launch or development of your business.

Have all the cards in hand to succeed in the first steps of your business !

Our offers:

  • Personalized coaching
  • Optimization of your business plan
  • Advice and research of funding
  • Market analysis and business plan preparation
  • Legal advice and support for the creation

Take the next step: let's grow your business!

  • Find financing to grow
    • Writing or challenge of the business plan
    • Canvassing and relationship management with potential investors
  • Improve the strategic positioning of your company
    • Strategic diagnosis, proposal and deployment of differentiating growth solutions
  • Resolve malfunctions and underperformance of your company
    • Identification of malfunctions/points of improvement of your company
    • Proposal and deployment of sustainable solutions
    • Implementation of procedures to reduce malfunctions, losses and fraud
  • Strengthen your skills to improve your performance
    • ForthInvestment becomes an extension of your financial, sales, production, purchasing, IT, legal teams
    •  We work 24/7 at your side to meet your challenges
    • We are essentially remunerated on the achievement of objectives. Without result, no remuneration.

Go through the times: make your business sustainable !

Built on a tailor-made approach, the PME PERFORMANTES programs are frameworks for supporting and financing companies that are divided into several variants depending on the sector of activity and the targeted beneficiaries:

  • PME PERFORMANTES mining sector
  • Youth empowerment

Make your dream come true with the Forth-Amorçage offer

The Forth-Amorçage offer is aimed at project leaders looking for financing and advice for the creation of their business.

ForthInvestment offers financing of up to €40,000. This amount can be revised upwards, depending on the number of financial partners convinced by your project.

All sectors of activity are accepted. Priority is given to innovative projects with a significant turnover.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for funding, obtain the necessary funds for your projects while preserving your participation in the company, you must meet the criteria below.

Sectors of activity

All sectors of activity are accepted. However, we favor the following sectors of activity: construction, telecoms, personal services, solar, health, food including agriculture and semi-industrial processing companies, education through schools and training centers, microfinance activities.

Priority is given to innovative projects, with high internationalization potential and aiming at a local turnover of more than 75,000 euros.

Required profitability

For business creators, have a net result, each year, of at least 20% of the amount invested by all shareholders.

For start-ups and SMEs in development, have reached the breakeven point, that is to say the level of turnover allowing you to cover your fixed and variable expenses.

Co-management arrangements

Work closely with the ForthInvestment team.

Be fully transparent in day-to-day management decisions and the use of company finances.

Comply with all reporting, audits, controls and integrity defined in the co-management agreement signed with ForthInvestment.


Have either property suitable to be mortgaged, or two guarantors or personal guarantors who undertake to reimburse ForthInvestment following an intentional mismanagement of the entrepreneur (fraud, misappropriation, non-compliance with the co-management contract ...).

The guarantee is in no way intended to cover the risks associated with the day-to-day activity of the financed project. We assume this risk at your side, as entrepreneurs.

A 3-step plan

We believe in entrepreneurship. Where financial institutions evaluate you on your borrowing capacity, we only evaluate your project and your entrepreneurial skills. We invest and work every day by your side to make your dreams and projects come true

Build a solid business plan


We help you optimize your business or development plan on financial, marketing, strategic, business and operational aspects.

Providing sustainable financing


We provide, alone or with our financial partners, the capital necessary for the creation or development of your business, while allowing you to keep control of it.

Accompany you on a daily basis


We support you on a daily basis and put at your disposal the experience and business network of our team of 33 experienced professionals, for the achievement of your objectives.

The phases of our collaboration

The collaboration with ForthInvestment takes place in 5 distinct and time-bound phases.


ForthInvestment is a structure specialized in financing and supporting SMEs and business projects. We put at the disposal of companies and entrepreneurs our proven skills and experience, in order to launch the development and sustainability of companies.


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